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Don's Basement TapesMusic is an amazing thing.  The right inspiring song can give you that kick you need to get you going. It is the music that can take you back in time. I know that when I think of the music from my younger years I think of Don.  It is funny how the music you enjoyed when you were 20, is the music you will probably love for the rest of your life.  I was so happy when Don created Don’s Basement Tapes now anytime I want to be taken back in time all I have to do is turn on his station.

And now you can Enjoy it two!

Music can also tell you a lot about someone’s personality. Studies show music can lead you to drink more, spend more, be kinder, or even act unethically. And No, rock and heavy metal don’t lead people to commit suicide — but it’s possible that country music might.

When I started my Blog I wanted to bring people together and celebrate Inspirational stories.  So, I contacted my good friend Don Clark of Don’s Basement Tapes who has lived his life centered around music.  Growing up, Don’s parents were his inspiration, it was their love of all music that inspired him to chase his passion. I thought I needed to dig deep to find out how Don ticks. So I sent him a list of random thought provoking questions. Check out Dons colorful answers in the video below.

See why Don’s personal story is one of Char’s Star’s:

“It’s not what you know, or who you know. It’s who knows you”

Don's Basement Tapes

Don Clark, Director of Career Services, Illinois Media School

“Broadcasting is the best career in the world. We get paid to do what we love, to travel the country working with people with passion at legendary Radio and TV stations. I find it extremely exciting to help the students and the graduates of The Illinois Center for Broadcasting reach their goals and begin their careers in an industry that has allowed me to live my dream for all these years”.

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Don's Basement TapesDon Clark has been in broadcasting for over 30 years. Beginning his career as an On Air Personality at WGGQ/WLKE in Waupun, Wisconsin. From there, Don became a Program Director at a number of radio stations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Indiana.

Don never lost his passion for being on the air, taking on dual roles as Program Director and On Air Personality. After working in New England for over 10 years, Don returned to his Wisconsin roots, accepting a position with Midwest Communications as the Program Director/Morning Host for WIZD/WOFM in Wausau, Wisconsin.


Don’s travels took him to the Chicago area, where he served as the Director of Programming for Radio One Communications. While there, he also took on the Morning Host duties on Z107 in Valparaiso, Indiana.


Don won the Spectrum Award for Broadcast Personality of the Year from the Indiana Broadcasters Association.


Don joined the Education Staff at The Illinois Center for Broadcasting in Chicago. After 2 months, Don was named the Placement Director for the Lombard campus of ICB. In April of 2012, he moved to the Chicago campus to take over the Chicago Career Services Director position, and later that same year, Don was named the National Director for Career Services.

Video Credits: Don Clark played by Don Clark  Interviewer: Art Porter, Film Director and Editor Dana Griffin  , Question Writer: Charlene Mansueto