Sports have always been around.  From the time we could run, push, pull, swim, jump, climb. We make events out of the physical push we all have.  In our youth and into our maturity we keep connected as long as possible.  We encourage those around us, and get behind the success of the great athletes around us.  We cheer for our favorite teams, players and even travel to support them in their feats, fights and events.  As we locate and find ways to improve and grow in Sports, we will add them here.

Sports, Sports and more Sports

Drones of All Types Novice and Pro:

sportsAre looking for the perfect Drone for yourself or a gift? You need to see the options here we have both beginners and novices. We have access to the largest selection online. With all the different available features and options, from cameras, to speed, to incredible add-ons to make your drone and Drone experiences better! People are learning and finding new uses for drones every day, It is an exciting and growing industry to be a part of!  See All Sizes and Types of Drones Here:

Vertical Jump Training: Vert Shock. 

jumpAdd up to 9 – 15 inches to your vertical jump with this proven secrets, guaranteed! Have you tried everything to increase your vertical jump but nothing’s worked? Just Imagine Hearing The Roar Of The Crowd! While you take off on the Fast Break and Throw Down A Rim-Wrecking Showtime Dunk!

Does this sound far-fetched to you?  You’re probably pretty skeptical, but I’m going to explain precisely how, Adam Folker as well as Justin Darlington and so many of our athletes, have added up to 9 – 15 inches to our vertical jumps – not in months, but within days and weeks. You too can Improve your Vertical Jump Here: